Medical Collection Group, LLC

MCG Services

Nationwide Asset Identification

Our staff will do a comprehensive search to identify possible public record assets the individual may own or sold in the past 5 years..

Criminal history review

Our staff will include a criminal history review that identifies any potential problems including sexual predator background.

Medicaid Eligibility Verification

Our staff will assist in verifying whether the individual may be eligible for Medicaid assistance.

Pre-Admission Background Check

Our staff performs a thorough search to identify any information your facility needs to know prior to admission.

We pride ourselves on customer service

Our staff members are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Any responses from debtors are immediately forwarded to our clients. If asked, we can make recommendations based on the results of our searches on admissions practices, business office policies, and lien placement litigation

How it Works

Utilizing our secure and encrypted website, we create user names and passwords for our clients who place all orders electronically. Upon receipt of a referral, we immediately conduct the requested search and return those results with a summary report to our clients via email within one hour of receipt of the order. If additional services such as demand letters, litigation, probate, trust or guardianship assistance is requested, we forward the file electronically to our network of attorneys who then take action to protect our clients' interests.


Clients may access their own files 24 hours a day for status reports, updates, and to retrieve copies of all documents in their files.