Medical Collection Group, LLC

Medical Collection Group, LLC will conduct a comprehensive search to identify possible public record assets the individual owns.

Identifying public record assets can help determine Medicaid Eligibility and assist in Asset Recovery.


We summarize the results of our research within one hour in a quick, easy to read letter provided to our clients online.

Medical Collection Group, LLC offers one hour professional, independent due diligence on long term care residents' public record asset ownership. This information helps you determine the residents' ability to qualify for Medicaid assistance and avoid collection problems later.

We will work with you to assist in verifying an individual's eligibility based on your own states' regulations and requirements.

Identifying an individual's possible criminal history is paramount with identifying potential problems.

Knowing a patient's criminal history prior to admission can prevent a facility from acquiring any issues that could be detrimental to other patients.

Our staff performs a thorough search to identify any information your facility needs to know prior to admission.

We can assist in verifying potential assets, criminal history, liens and many other important factors in admission decisions.